An invitation to experience a neighborhood reminiscent of the Edo period
Unique lodging in a heritage residence

YANASEYA is a whole-house-rental inn standing quietly on Shinmachi Street in Gojo city, Nara.
We have two types of accommodations which have 100 years of history. One is the old Japanese-style house called HANARE for 2 to 8 people. The other is called KURA renovated the traditional storage house for 1 or 2 people. You can have a good relaxing time in this excellent space.

Restored to its former stateliness,
Yanaseya today stands quietly on
Gojo Shinmachi Street in a tranquil area of the city.

We invite you to spend time enjoying these exclusive private
accommodations while relishing a townscape that has preserved the character of the Edo period.

Gojo Shinmachi Street

This neighborhood is committed to preserving groups of important heritage structures.

The area still reflects the fascinating characteristics of the Edo period.

Shinmachi Street features many highlights, attractions and historical sites imbued with the mystique of the Edo period. We invite you to enjoy walking this area at your leisure.

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Tabiyado Yanaseya Lodgings

2-7-3, Honmachi, Gojo, Nara Prefecture
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